Logistics Services in a Nutshell

Are you looking to transport your goods from one place to another? Want a right company who will handle it with care? Are you concerned about the safety of your fragile good? If the answer is yes to all the questions. You are at just the right right place at the right time. The job of transferring the goods can be an exhaustive as well as a time consuming one. This is because the documentation part becomes very cumbersome to deal with. Many people resist transporting their goods just because they don’t want to indulge in this intermediate process. Looking for a right company for the job? Here are some tips or parameters depending upon which you should make your choice:


The most significant and prominent parameter before hiring a company for the job is the price factor. Many deals hang on this aspect. While some provide excellent services at reasonable prices. others may charge more for services that are even not that good. A thorough research and comparison will help you choose the best among the rest.


The next important thing in this regard is how well your item is handled by the company? You should never bargain on the price while compromising on the handling aspect. The company should handle it with utmost care. The professional companies excel in this field. They know that their name will be defamed if the item is mishandled by them.

Variety of services:

The logistics company should come in with a list of different services. These services include cargo services, packing and removals of goods. If you want a good to be removed from your house and delivered to another location. The company should do that. Shipping a car should also be made easy by the company.

User reviews:

The ratings and reviews of the previous clients play a vital role in choosing a company. This is because the former customers would provide a honest feedback about the company and how well they actually function. A positive feedback in the reviews section automatically improve the chances of that company being hired.

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Temperature Controlled Shipments – Active vs. Passive

The delivery of produced goods to the target area is a challenge to every manufacturer. It is important to transport them safely in order to retain its state/quality and price. Pharmaceuticals, food items and other perishable goods need care in order to make sure the manufacturers don’t have to incur losses and consumers don’t have to compromise on quality. It is important to identify the needs of every good with respect to its sensitivity. There are two different types of systems available – active and passive temperature control solutions.

Active Temperature Controlling System

Active System includes parcel size, trailer, and reefer. It is capable of providing both heating and cooling. The heating provided is by the means of electricity, relying on some heavy battery packs. Cooling is provided by cold reservoirs – typically dry ice or refrigerators that are electrically driven. This system majorly constitutes freezers or fridges in which goods are stored. These systems are exclusively leased and are of higher costs but are ideal for bulk shipments. The active system provides a reliable and consistent temperature for the transport as it relies on the power source and this reduces the effects of external environmental changes.

Passive Temperature Controlling System

The other kind of temperature controlling system is the passive one. This system uses insulation materials and thermal media to protect the product from external temperatures. The outer packaging is like any other packaging for products. Based on the requirements of the products’, components are prepared under controlled conditions. The system once sealed and packed require no further handling until it reaches its destination. It is a reliable system of temperature control as there is no chance of breaking down. It is also reusable in nature making it possible to be used in multiple shipments.

Both the active and passive systems have their pros and cons. In order to decide which system to opt for, it is important to consider factors like cost, the sensitivity of product or amount of protection needed, external conditions, power supply etc.

The responsibility of providing the right transportation of the products is stressful and the burden is too much for only the manufacturer to take. Therefore it is important to hire a good service provider. The knowledge that the logistics expert will have regarding the solutions or products will benefit the manufacturer.

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The wright business- some interesting Air Cargo facts

Startups aren’t a thing of recent times. The Wright Brothers were killing the startup entrepreneurship scene in the 1900s. Printing shop, bike repair business, you name it- The fiddled with everything. And late 1980s was when they read about aeronautics. Soon experiments with biplane kites and gliders started and some funding was the propeller to their plan. It’s been many years since this happened and we take a look at some of the most amazing things you should know about air cargo.

The first time a plane was used for cargo was just seven years later in 1910 when a wright aircraft delivered silk from Dayton to Columbus. And then the companies saw an opportunity in Air Cargo and got involved. Larry Hillblom was the founder of DHL and captured the air cargo opportunity first. Since then they have had the largest fleet of air cargo’s in the world.

The Anatov, also called a giant of a plane once transported an entire gas power station generator that weighed 190 tonnes. This is also a world record.

NASA has contracted with two private companies to deliver cargo to their International Space Station that is orbiting Earth. The most recent cargo included 3.5 tonnes of food and supplies like clothing, computer stuff and space equipment.

Hong Kong is the world’s busiest when it comes to Air Cargo. The Hong Kong international Airport deals with 4.8 million tonnes of loaded and unloaded freight. Second in the busiest list comes the Memphis International Airport.

The Airbus Beluga is the weirdest shaped airplane inspired by- Yes, the Beluga whale. Its unusual shape can hold 14000 cubic meters of cargo.

Ever since 1920s, animals have been transported by air. Domestic pets’ transportation, Aquarium animals and Zoo animals, air cargo got all your animals covered for you. Modern day versions of Noah’s ark have delivered: Giraffes, Killer whales, Elephants, Lions and Seals. Swaziland once sent 18 Elephants via Boeing 747 to America.

Next time you see a cut flower in UK, know that it’s been imported from Kenya. Nairobi has 10 different air cargo freights delivering to places across Europe. In just one week, Nairobi dispatched 45 cargo freighters to Amsterdam during the Valentine’s day.

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Cargo services have gained importance due to rise in business on international level. Increased levels of export and import has spread this service globally

They are usually transported by ship, boat, or aircraft. But these days they are also transported through train, van, truck or intermodal container. They take care of all kinds of shipments from finished merchandise to transport of raw materials across countries. They supply crucial custom strengths via keeping up a community of clearance agents globally. This enables speedy clearance of your assets but they combine varied transportation cars for continuous delivery of goods.

There are many different kinds of shipping services. The modes are used depending on customer convenience by air, by land or by water.

Air cargo

This kind of cargo service is called air freight service. They were primarily used for carrying mails in early times. Later, they started manufacturing aircrafts for different purposes. One of it came into use for air freight services for transporting goods across countries. There are many commercial aircrafts specially designed for such services around the globe.

There are about three types of air cargo services. Firstly, those that is with passenger airline freight that is utilized for transporting small goods through commercial passenger flights. Secondly, there are shipments which use specialized shipment planes for special kind of goods to be transported across countries. And lastly, there are the aircraft can be used for heavy equipment transportation. This has to transport very safely. Transporters need to select the air cargo service depending on the weight of their goods and destination.

Train cargo

Like we all know trains are capable of transporting large numbers of shipments as it can take up heavy load when compared to other types of freight forwarding services. They can very well transport loads of water, petrol, cement, steel, wood and coal in great quantities. They are most reliable because they take a direct route to the destination unlike others because they do not have passengers alongside. Freight transport by train under all right circumstances proves to be more economic and is energy efficient when compared to freight transport by road. They allow carrying bulk products over long distances.

Hence, be it any mode of transportation cargo services are very helpful to spread your business overseas and supply necessary goods across countries by just sitting in your  own space.

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Choosing the right freight forwarding company

If you operate in an industry that heavily relies on the services of cross border shipping then it is imperative that you choose the right shipping company that satisfies all your needs. One of the most important job of a freight forwarding company is keeping track of the shipment and to take care of the necessary paper work in order to ensure uninhibited shipping services across the borders. Here are a few tips to choose the right freight forwarding services-

  • Assess your needs and make sure that you know exactly what you need the freight company to do for you. This will ensure that their services are precision tailored to meet your requirements.
  • A brief knowledge about their shipping industry connections and their usual shipping traffic is a good way to gauge their quality and reliability of transport. A reliable and highly efficient freight transportation company will ensure an equal measure of services even when your company expands in the future. This will prevent the problems of having to look for new service providers if your current freight forwarders are not up to the mark.
  • When looking for a reliable freight forwarding company, it is also important to evaluate the experience they have. A company that has been in the business longer will have developed the right connections and will also be well versed in the multiple international shipping laws as well.

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Benefits of hiring a third party logistics

If you are business owner, then using a third party logistics service will minimize the stress associated with your shipping concerns. If you are in the business of selling/ importing products across the border, then using a reliable logistics services is a must. Here are three reasons why using a third party logistics services is preferred-

  1. With a logistics service, you will have access to a wide network that allows you to ship your products to almost any destination in the world. Planning on expanding you reach? You don’t have to go through the gruelling process of understanding individual shipping laws of different countries.
  2. It will also save you a lot of time and money. Since logistics companies are experienced with shipping goods all the time, they are well aware of the fees and other necessities required to move products legally into a country.
  3. It also allows for flexibility as well, where the logistics company can easily scale up or down their efforts based on how your company grows. A reliable logistics company will be able to handle all kinds of large and small orders.

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