Secure cargo services

TRANSGULF MARITIME SERVICES provide full container and lift van services with documentation, custom assistance, insurance, packing, shipping, storage and inland transportation. We provide customized solutions to clients’ shipping needs. Our Bahrain cargo services help you transport your cargo all over the world efficiently. We as a global network help you deliver competitively priced service. We provide a wide range of cargo services from air cargo services to sea, rail and also truck services.

The services provided by our company are firstly logistics, we make sure to complete your requirement not just on time but also within your budget. We plan our way keeping in mind all the important cost areas which include shipment loss or damage, port detention, project down-time, and project management through effective planning, implementation and expert management. The resources we use for effective on time results is web based tracking system identically reflecting the client’s shipment details in every aspect including warehousing, packaging, and transport of materials. We provide a crystal clear image of all these so you can trust us and our services indubitably.

Our key to success is pre-shipment planning which sets us apart from our competitors. We undertake importing and exporting services right from household goods to office equipment’s to vehicle overseas. We also offer full packaging and custom crating services in Bahrain. We are one of the best transportation companies and our transportation services assess at all costs and on time delivery.

We forward air shipments to possibly every corner of the globe. We ensure the right aircraft are utilized fitting the air cargo services, destination and most importantly the budget of our clients’. We offer many other services like trucking, temperature controlled shipments, ocean charters, along with destination services and insurance.

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