Shipping your car overseas

If you are moving to another country, then it might be necessary for you to ship you car along with you. However, shipping automobiles can be costly, and it requires you to undergo a lot of laborious procedures and paperwork in order to complete the transaction. Although the finer nuances of shipping a car differs from country to country, there are a few common universal traits-

  1. You will have to pay an import duty, which can cost anywhere between 20% and 90% of the price of the car, depending on how old the car is. You will also have to pay for the registration, tax and licensing.
  2. Many countries do not encourage importing vehicles over a certain age. The usual limit is 20 years, but there can be exceptions, depending on the country you are importing it to.
  3. You must explicitly own the vehicle. If you are still making payments on the car then you might not be allowed to import it.
  4. When the car arrives at the destination, it will be checked for roadworthiness, safety issues, and pests. It is hence advised to make sure that your car is in good working conditions, and even smaller things such as tires and break oils are checked and replaced before shipping it.

When shipping your car abroad, it is best to hire a reliable freight service company. At Trans Gulf Maritime Services, we ensure that your vehicles pass through the safety checks and arrives at your destination safe and sound. For more information about our services, do visit our website at