One of the Best Shipping Companies in Bahrain

Planning to move somewhere? Need to ship a car?

All the questions can be answered with one of the best shipping companies in The Kingdom of Bahrain, TransGulf Maritime Services W.L.L.

But first of all, let us know what shipping companies are and what their work is. Shipping Companies are designated companies that are responsible for handling shipments and cargo. These shipments can be within one city or country or between several countries. All in all for worldwide shipments, we consult these shipping companies.

TransGulf Maritime Services comes with a full package of various services that includes shipping. From moving to a new house, shipping your car from one city to another to transferring shipments worldwide, our shipments and service can be transferred in over 90 countries and has 489 member offices. There is a whole other segment for oversized and out of gauge cargo as well as for temperature control shipments. Air, ocean, rail and truck are the four means that we use according to the customer’s needs and shipments.

TransGulf being one of the best freight forwarding companies (shipping companies) offers a single-source solution from and to any place in the world. Our shipping services assess all cost and on time delivery probabilities for each transit segment to ensure an on tie delivery that is the most cost efficient as well. Our work involves proper planning and execution which results in our customer satisfaction.

Our movers and packers team work very efficiently to transfer your home to another house. This work too requires a proper planning and discussion with the customer to make your move as simple as possible. Our large fleet of moving equipment enables us to undertake packing and removal services of any magnitude with relative ease.

Auto imports and exports worldwide is our another domain. We can move a vehicle from any port to another usually with a full choice of car shipping methods. These methods involve containerized as well as conventional on-deck car export methods.

TransGulf has one of the best logistics among the shipping companies with extensive and intimate knowledge of the industry. Our experience, stability, resources, integrity and the mission constantly enable us to maximize the satisfaction of our clients and serve them with our best service and provide them with insurance (terms and conditions applied). We are able to achieve this with our most knowledgeable, qualified and well respected staff.

Trust us, we will take care of your shipment.

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Comprehensive cargo and logistics services

Are you looking for reliable logistic or comprehensive cargo services in the Kingdom of Bahrain? Look no further than Transgulf Maritime Services – your trusted cargo company in Bahrain. We provide fast, safe and reliable comprehensive cargo services to help you with your moving needs. Our dedicated professionals keep a constant check on your goods while ensuring that they pass all the necessary cross-border shipping audits to ensure timely delivery.

Trust your cargo to the best

When it comes to cargo services, we stand a class apart. With a highly trained and experienced staff overseeing every aspect, you can be at ease knowing your cargo will reach you safe and sound. We are a fast-growing cargo company that provides reliable logistic services and comprehensive cargo services. Our commitment to providing each customer with exceptional service while ensuring timely and safe delivery of their goods has slowly gained us a stellar reputation.  When you’re moving to a different area, you don’t want the hassle of having to deal with moving all your luggage and setting up a new house.

Getting acclimatized to a new place is tough already without the task of extensive packing and unpacking looming over your head. At Transgulf Maritime Services we provide you with comprehensive cargo services. This means that our staff will take care of all the documentation, customs assistance, insurance, packing, shipping, storage and inland transportation work while you take care of getting used to the new place. You’ll never have to worry about us losing your cargo or letting it get damaged. Over the years, we have built a tried-and-tested method that allows us to seamlessly transport your cargo to wherever you may desire in a safe and sound manner. Get in touch with us at for top-notch cargo services you’re sure to love.

Fast and Furious Courier Services

In this blooming era of industrialisation and marketing growth, there is a huge demand for transporting the materials from the market to the consumer. No matter what the business is millions are using courier services. In order to reach the products to the consumer from different corners of the world, the companies take the advantage of cargo services. The ways of transportation may be via air, water or land depending upon the delivery period required.

Handling process of cargo

It is the main step in planning a successful freight shipment. Punctuality is essential for the satisfaction of the customers. The handling process starts from the moment freight is picked up and send for transportation. The instructions for the cargo handling is given below:

  1. On time freight pick up
  2. Clarification of the pickup order
  3. Packaging and physical condition of the freight before pick up
  4. Driver’s receipt
  5. Warehouse procedures
  6. Documentation
  7. Commercial invoice or Pro-forma and other tracking details
  8. Packaging
  9. Packaging materials
  10. Screening of freight
  11. Weighing of the freight

Documentation of Cargo

Documents such as invoice, packing list, certificate of origin etc. are important for forwarding the shipment from the warehouse. In some countries shippers’ declaration is required which is also known as Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD). Labelling of the shipment should also be correct. Without such information the shipment will not be discharged or delivered to the correct address.

Comprehensive Cargo Service Company

Trans Gulf Maritime Services WLL is an international leading logistics and shipping company of the Kingdom of Bahrain. A variety of services are provided by the company namely-

  • Shipping Goods
  • Logistic Services
  • Cargo Services
  • Packing and Moving

The company includes a personnel of shipping expertise who ensure damage free packing and shipment. It is amongst the few freight forwarding companies with their best performance. They are well equipped and provide the door to door cargo service with their right shipping equipment regardless of the scale and size of the shipment.

The company logistic services are combined with 24×7 online tracking to ensure safe, correct, on time, on budget delivery. Let it be air, ocean or truck their forwarding is the best worldwide. They also provide comprehensive all-risk cargo insurance to every corner of the world. For further details and service, please log on to


Logistics Services in a Nutshell

Are you looking to transport your goods from one place to another? Want a right company who will handle it with care? Are you concerned about the safety of your fragile good? If the answer is yes to all the questions. You are at just the right right place at the right time. The job of transferring the goods can be an exhaustive as well as a time consuming one. This is because the documentation part becomes very cumbersome to deal with. Many people resist transporting their goods just because they don’t want to indulge in this intermediate process. Looking for a right company for the job? Here are some tips or parameters depending upon which you should make your choice:


The most significant and prominent parameter before hiring a company for the job is the price factor. Many deals hang on this aspect. While some provide excellent services at reasonable prices. others may charge more for services that are even not that good. A thorough research and comparison will help you choose the best among the rest.


The next important thing in this regard is how well your item is handled by the company? You should never bargain on the price while compromising on the handling aspect. The company should handle it with utmost care. The professional companies excel in this field. They know that their name will be defamed if the item is mishandled by them.

Variety of services:

The logistics company should come in with a list of different services. These services include cargo services, packing and removals of goods. If you want a good to be removed from your house and delivered to another location. The company should do that. Shipping a car should also be made easy by the company.

User reviews:

The ratings and reviews of the previous clients play a vital role in choosing a company. This is because the former customers would provide a honest feedback about the company and how well they actually function. A positive feedback in the reviews section automatically improve the chances of that company being hired.

Transgulf Maritime Services WLL is a Bahrain-based logistics company which fulfils all these parameters given above. It comes with an excellent price and user reviews. Also, you can estimate the total price online before even calling them. The price will be based on total volume or the weight of the belongings. Click on the link to know more.

Advantages of Comprehensive Cargo Services

Cargo services are rather a terse issue, because of the various complexities involved in the whole situation. Getting a good company which can deal with all the situations and help you transfer all types of cargo from one part of the country to another. These services make life easier, whether you are transporting precious or bulk cargo, or rather you are utilising some other transport area. However if you still feel unconvinced, there are many good salient points you should get to know, so that you can utilize these services in time:-

  1. Comprehensive cargo services work as per the requirement of your needs. You can easily design a favourable contract and these companies will endeavour to deliver you the product in record time in the best of state.
  2. Comprehensive cargo services will use all methods of transport depending upon the ease with which it can be transported easily from one location to other. Whether it is cities or across oceans or even commercial flight, all methods can be used depending on your budget and type of cargo.
  3. These companies are very careful and they will not mess around or trifle with your items. Fragile items will be delivered with utmost care and can be packaged in a careful manner.
  4. You can properly track your items through different stages of the journey and you can easily contact from point to point as per the location.
  5. They are extremely affordable and cheap and can be utilized as per your demands.
  6. They can deliver in the preferred location within the minimum amount of time as peer your needs.
  7. These cargo services are managed by complete professionals who can handle all your products with efficiency and can pick up directly from the factory or the producing or storage area itself.
  8. These cargo services can deliver a variety of different of products all together in the same way.

There are many good companies like TransGulf maritime ( which can help you deal with all the cargo transport worries and help you have a smooth business. It has talented team of professionals and contracts in all the proper places so that your product can be transported without any damage and without any problems at all. You can avail their services at rather attractive prices. So don’t hesitate, use these services and let your business flourish by delivering cargo in the perfect place at the perfect time!

Temperature Controlled Shipments – Active vs. Passive

The delivery of produced goods to the target area is a challenge to every manufacturer. It is important to transport them safely in order to retain its state/quality and price. Pharmaceuticals, food items and other perishable goods need care in order to make sure the manufacturers don’t have to incur losses and consumers don’t have to compromise on quality. It is important to identify the needs of every good with respect to its sensitivity. There are two different types of systems available – active and passive temperature control solutions.

Active Temperature Controlling System

Active System includes parcel size, trailer, and reefer. It is capable of providing both heating and cooling. The heating provided is by the means of electricity, relying on some heavy battery packs. Cooling is provided by cold reservoirs – typically dry ice or refrigerators that are electrically driven. This system majorly constitutes freezers or fridges in which goods are stored. These systems are exclusively leased and are of higher costs but are ideal for bulk shipments. The active system provides a reliable and consistent temperature for the transport as it relies on the power source and this reduces the effects of external environmental changes.

Passive Temperature Controlling System

The other kind of temperature controlling system is the passive one. This system uses insulation materials and thermal media to protect the product from external temperatures. The outer packaging is like any other packaging for products. Based on the requirements of the products’, components are prepared under controlled conditions. The system once sealed and packed require no further handling until it reaches its destination. It is a reliable system of temperature control as there is no chance of breaking down. It is also reusable in nature making it possible to be used in multiple shipments.

Both the active and passive systems have their pros and cons. In order to decide which system to opt for, it is important to consider factors like cost, the sensitivity of product or amount of protection needed, external conditions, power supply etc.

The responsibility of providing the right transportation of the products is stressful and the burden is too much for only the manufacturer to take. Therefore it is important to hire a good service provider. The knowledge that the logistics expert will have regarding the solutions or products will benefit the manufacturer.

Check out TransGulf Maritime Services for some excellent logistics services. Visit for more information on their services.

Hassle-free Packaging and Removal Services

Packing is one of the biggest challenges when you choose to relocate. Unpacking or removal can be overwhelming and staggering. We strive hard to ease all your anxieties that come along with moving things to your new place. We promise to do it with ease so that your possessions are responsibly unpacked and arranged at your new space of dwelling before you even get there.

We plan it for you:

Our representatives will be glad to provide an initial telephonic consultation, while they try to understand and estimate the moving costs. We think of  how we can minimize those costs for you. One of our trained representatives will drop by at your home, if necessary, to provide you with a free estimate. This is all without any obligation whatsoever on your part. We rely on air cargo, shipping, and road transport to deliver our cargo. Our large fleet of moving equipment enables us to undertake packing and removal services of any magnitude with relative ease.

We understand your expectations

We provide on-time packing, moving, and facilities. Each of our packers is trained not to make any compromises during packing for household relocation, office moving, moving of Industrial goods, local shifting and international moving. We take strategic measures to move your computers, machines, files, and documents. We take utmost care while packing fragile items like crockery and use different packaging materials to suit the item that is being packed and relocated. You could leave your second thoughts behind, as our team members are friendly and approachable and have a lot of “home-making” experiences.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing :

Our pricing is transparent and customizable for every need and budget. There are no hidden costs involved with packaging and moving.

We assist you with Preliminary  & Secondary Packing

Prior to moving day, the consolidation and packing of your belongings, mostly happen for unbreakable items such as linens, books, pots, toys, etc. into cartons, which TransGulf Maritime will supply. TransGulf will build heavy-duty “lift-vans” which are custom-made boxes designed to the size specifications of your shipment. These super-strong boxes resist all handling incurred in route to your new destination. We have arrangements to safe guard all of your goods & pack them in wooden, steel-strapped lifts until they reach your destination. On moving day our professional team of movers and packers will arrive at your home with specially designed cartons, padded materials and, if necessary, custom-built boxes to safely pack your furniture, the remainder of goods, including breakables.

On Arrival at the Destination

Our services continue in the country of your destination. With over 500 agents worldwide besides affiliates, our team of packers and movers in Bahrain are able to coordinate the move and pave the way for smooth customs clearance and expeditious service. Once the clearing of shipments are done, our agent and transportation companies will make arrangements for the delivery of your goods to your new home, office or venue.

Help us, serve you by contacting us on

Why Leasing Shipping Containers are a Better Idea as Compared to Owning Them?

We all have certain materials through the course of our business needs when we fall into the dire need of a shipping container. While you say that owning them is an amazing idea, however, let me tell you a few things first.

Shipping containers and expensive and unless you have a permanent need for it, I would say it’s a gigantic waste of money! Leasing of shipping containers will give you all the transfer support and safety you need, plus you get a guaranteed support that someone will take care of your item in their container. Also, there can be very good cheap deals at a lot of affordable rates that you will definitely enjoy having a lease and you can use it as per you want without any hassle of storing and keeping the container in a rusty old backyard!

However, if you are still unconvinced, here are a few good reasons why leasing out shipping containers is a much better choice as compared to buying them:-

  • When there is a temporary need to store equipment or materials or send out and transfer any items while construction and remodeling are underway, it is seen that a shipping container is often preferred more.
  • When storage space is limited, it makes organizing and collecting inventory is a difficult task.
  • Lease of shipping containers is customizable to your needs and priorities like travel dates, sizes, and other specification.
  • Even if the container is on a lease, you can still treat it as your own and take good care of it and put shelves or blocks as per your wish.
  • Often your entire business needs to be transferred to a new city. For a temporary solution, you can use the shipping containers ion lease to store all your material till you find better opportunities and utilize them.
  • They are much cheaper and contracts are much more flexible as compared to the purchase of shipping containers.

TransGulf maritime ( is a reputed company which can help you with all kinds of shipping container needs and thus helps you in keeping all your business commitments at one-tenth of the price. They have a good range of the quality of containers and they can be easily used for a variety of other purposes too.  So don’t hesitate! Utilize their contact and lease out your shipping container today!

Shipment of Cars made easy for relocating people

Shifting to a new location is not a piece of cake and a lot of thought is required regarding each aspect. One of the aspects is the decision to ship your car from one location to another location.Once you decide the mode of transporting the vehicle to the other location, you must also figure out whom you can entrust with the responsibility of your most valuable possession. So, you must choose a car shipping company which can deliver your precious baby safely to its final destination.

Here are some points that you should consider while choosing a Car shipping company:

  • Quality assures excellence: As mentioned, quality assures excellence, so always choose a company that provides exceptional services at a price which you can afford and also eliminate companies which do not provide services you require. For example: If you require a door to door service, but there is a company, that doesn’t provide the same. Then, there’s no use in wasting your time. There are plenty of shipping companies in the market and will surely find the one that meets your needs.
  • Always perform research to become self-aware: No matter what decision you take, it is always wise to gain some knowledge on that topic. Similarly, research should be done on the shipping company you want to entrust with your car. It’s always a good idea to visit the company’s website, view their social media pages and also to read people’s reviews. All of these will give you a fairly good idea about the company’s brand and credibility factor.
  • Call them directly: You can also call the company and ask them any queries or questions which you feel have not been answered, through self-research. This will help you to gain more clarity regarding the brand as a whole.

You should also perform the following steps to prep your car before it is shipped:

  • Wash the car thoroughly to get rid of unwanted dirt and dust. After which you must surely perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle. This inspection will be helpful in identifying-
  1. Any kind of External damage on the surface of the car such as dents or scratches.
  2. Secondly, it will also be useful to notice damaged pipes which can result in leakage and to uncover other defects.
  • Take good high-quality photographs of any dents or scratches present on the car. These pictures will help to provide extra coverage if the transport company denies responsibility of new damage.
  • Ensure the car’s external parts will be properly protected during the shipping process. This might include dismantling of certain parts or removing them completely.
  • Lastly, keep a record of the driver’s name and his contact number. You can conduct periodic follow-ups to ensure the safety of your car.

There is large number of companies in the field of car shipping. But the industry leader is TransGulf Maritime, which assures quality service backed by several years of business experience. So, feel free to check out the website:

Unaccompanied baggage? Here’s how to ship it right

What is unaccompanied baggage?

Unaccompanied baggage is characterized as any luggage that an traveler doesn’t take directly with him or her, yet rather sends to a definitive destination through a delivery organization.

How to send your unaccompanied baggage?

As we know, the extent of the worldwide economic crisis is by all accounts spreading more remote and more distant. To influence things to go as easily as could reasonably be expected, you may rather choose to send your baggage ahead. A few organizations request that you utilize your own particular boxes to pack your unaccompanied stuff without anyone else input. It is time consuming and baffling. Packing unaccompanied stuff in the crates that are given by the shipping organization will be more helpful and simple.

There are a number of organizations out there that will have the capacity to transport your luggage via baggage shipping, however to guarantee that it’s conveyed and gathered on time, and pressed professionally with unique composed pressing materials (divide, bubble wrap, huge marker pen, that kind of thing) and with the best of care and consideration, you require an expert transportation organization.

The followings are some helpful hints for baggage shipping, just to kick you off:

  1. Pack your unaccompanied baggage. Regardless of how you dispatch your unaccompanied stuff, there are things you can’t pack as specific things can’t be sent regardless of how you transport them. Perilous merchandise must not be shipped with your unaccompanied baggage and additional belongings. Any dangerous materials, alcohol, guns and perishable things are not to be shipped.
  1. Free packing materials will be given by the baggage shipping company you associate with. Our pressing materials comprise of bundle tape, bubble wrap and a marker pen so you can make sure every one of your things will be deliberately taken care of. For our clients, we’ll convey the materials to then at the same time as the empty boxes are delivered. We have planned some quite solid and strong shipment boxes for which there is no charge so our clients can order plenty. We encourage you requesting heaps of boxes in light of the fact that you’re not going to know the correct number required until the point when you begin pressing. Better to have an excessive number of boxes than insufficient.
  1. Kindly don’t over-pack or the crates will burst – never more than 30kg.
  1. Pack any fragile things or fluids in a plastic sack surrounded by gentler things in the center point of the crates, that way the containers are probably going to ensure the things well.
  1. Always clean and dry your boots and shoes completely and put them inside towards the top. And furthermore sports and camping equipment should be cleaned completely.

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