The wright business- some interesting Air Cargo facts

Startups aren’t a thing of recent times. The Wright Brothers were killing the startup entrepreneurship scene in the 1900s. Printing shop, bike repair business, you name it- The fiddled with everything. And late 1980s was when they read about aeronautics. Soon experiments with biplane kites and gliders started and some funding was the propeller to their plan. It’s been many years since this happened and we take a look at some of the most amazing things you should know about air cargo.

The first time a plane was used for cargo was just seven years later in 1910 when a wright aircraft delivered silk from Dayton to Columbus. And then the companies saw an opportunity in Air Cargo and got involved. Larry Hillblom was the founder of DHL and captured the air cargo opportunity first. Since then they have had the largest fleet of air cargo’s in the world.

The Anatov, also called a giant of a plane once transported an entire gas power station generator that weighed 190 tonnes. This is also a world record.

NASA has contracted with two private companies to deliver cargo to their International Space Station that is orbiting Earth. The most recent cargo included 3.5 tonnes of food and supplies like clothing, computer stuff and space equipment.

Hong Kong is the world’s busiest when it comes to Air Cargo. The Hong Kong international Airport deals with 4.8 million tonnes of loaded and unloaded freight. Second in the busiest list comes the Memphis International Airport.

The Airbus Beluga is the weirdest shaped airplane inspired by- Yes, the Beluga whale. Its unusual shape can hold 14000 cubic meters of cargo.

Ever since 1920s, animals have been transported by air. Domestic pets’ transportation, Aquarium animals and Zoo animals, air cargo got all your animals covered for you. Modern day versions of Noah’s ark have delivered: Giraffes, Killer whales, Elephants, Lions and Seals. Swaziland once sent 18 Elephants via Boeing 747 to America.

Next time you see a cut flower in UK, know that it’s been imported from Kenya. Nairobi has 10 different air cargo freights delivering to places across Europe. In just one week, Nairobi dispatched 45 cargo freighters to Amsterdam during the Valentine’s day.

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