Minimizing risk in cold chain packaging

Minimizing risks in cold chain process involves an active participation by the companies in all legs of the shipping process to ensure that the pharmaceuticals are transported in containers. Every region has a different guidelines that needs to be followed during cold shipping.

The temperature difference at the manufacturing hub and the destination ought to be taken into consideration when shipping. Using special containers that have a longer holding period is recommended as they can retain an optimal temperature for the goods for longer. Make sure that the equipment and procedures used during the packaging meets the necessary guidelines.

It might not always be feasible to use new technologies especially without prior research. Make sure to determine if the new methods and packaging equipment is capable of handing drastic pressure and temperature differences. Compare and choose from the best options in terms of quality and pricing.

Proper guidance on evaluation is recommended to screen and reject an unsavory practices. Your shipping personnel should be up to date on the new technology, if you choose to use it, thus making for optimal pre-conditioning of the packaging.

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