The wright business- some interesting Air Cargo facts

Startups aren’t a thing of recent times. The Wright Brothers were killing the startup entrepreneurship scene in the 1900s. Printing shop, bike repair business, you name it- The fiddled with everything. And late 1980s was when they read about aeronautics. Soon experiments with biplane kites and gliders started and some funding was the propeller to their plan. It’s been many years since this happened and we take a look at some of the most amazing things you should know about air cargo.

The first time a plane was used for cargo was just seven years later in 1910 when a wright aircraft delivered silk from Dayton to Columbus. And then the companies saw an opportunity in Air Cargo and got involved. Larry Hillblom was the founder of DHL and captured the air cargo opportunity first. Since then they have had the largest fleet of air cargo’s in the world.

The Anatov, also called a giant of a plane once transported an entire gas power station generator that weighed 190 tonnes. This is also a world record.

NASA has contracted with two private companies to deliver cargo to their International Space Station that is orbiting Earth. The most recent cargo included 3.5 tonnes of food and supplies like clothing, computer stuff and space equipment.

Hong Kong is the world’s busiest when it comes to Air Cargo. The Hong Kong international Airport deals with 4.8 million tonnes of loaded and unloaded freight. Second in the busiest list comes the Memphis International Airport.

The Airbus Beluga is the weirdest shaped airplane inspired by- Yes, the Beluga whale. Its unusual shape can hold 14000 cubic meters of cargo.

Ever since 1920s, animals have been transported by air. Domestic pets’ transportation, Aquarium animals and Zoo animals, air cargo got all your animals covered for you. Modern day versions of Noah’s ark have delivered: Giraffes, Killer whales, Elephants, Lions and Seals. Swaziland once sent 18 Elephants via Boeing 747 to America.

Next time you see a cut flower in UK, know that it’s been imported from Kenya. Nairobi has 10 different air cargo freights delivering to places across Europe. In just one week, Nairobi dispatched 45 cargo freighters to Amsterdam during the Valentine’s day.

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Cargo services have gained importance due to rise in business on international level. Increased levels of export and import has spread this service globally

They are usually transported by ship, boat, or aircraft. But these days they are also transported through train, van, truck or intermodal container. They take care of all kinds of shipments from finished merchandise to transport of raw materials across countries. They supply crucial custom strengths via keeping up a community of clearance agents globally. This enables speedy clearance of your assets but they combine varied transportation cars for continuous delivery of goods.

There are many different kinds of shipping services. The modes are used depending on customer convenience by air, by land or by water.

Air cargo

This kind of cargo service is called air freight service. They were primarily used for carrying mails in early times. Later, they started manufacturing aircrafts for different purposes. One of it came into use for air freight services for transporting goods across countries. There are many commercial aircrafts specially designed for such services around the globe.

There are about three types of air cargo services. Firstly, those that is with passenger airline freight that is utilized for transporting small goods through commercial passenger flights. Secondly, there are shipments which use specialized shipment planes for special kind of goods to be transported across countries. And lastly, there are the aircraft can be used for heavy equipment transportation. This has to transport very safely. Transporters need to select the air cargo service depending on the weight of their goods and destination.

Train cargo

Like we all know trains are capable of transporting large numbers of shipments as it can take up heavy load when compared to other types of freight forwarding services. They can very well transport loads of water, petrol, cement, steel, wood and coal in great quantities. They are most reliable because they take a direct route to the destination unlike others because they do not have passengers alongside. Freight transport by train under all right circumstances proves to be more economic and is energy efficient when compared to freight transport by road. They allow carrying bulk products over long distances.

Hence, be it any mode of transportation cargo services are very helpful to spread your business overseas and supply necessary goods across countries by just sitting in your  own space.

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Relocating to a new place made easy

Moving can be extremely stressful and it pays to hire a credible moving company to help make things easier for you. Here are a tips to help make your move an eventful one-

  1. Make a list of your belongings beforehand. This will give you a clear picture of all your belongings and will help you to bifurcate them on the basis of how delicate they are. It will also help you communicate better with the moving company.
  2. Invest in special containers to hoist delicate equipment and goods. This will help keep all your goods safe and sound during the transit. If you are unable to choose the right packing material, you can always get the packing and moving company to help you. This is why it is important to make an inventory of all the goods that needs to be moved.
  3. Make sure to be well prepared and learn about the kind of vehicle they will be using to transport your goods.

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Things to consider when leasing shipping containers

Leasing large shipping containers for a specific period of time is quite beneficial for large enterprises and import/ export businesses. These containers offer a viable storage space, whether on the dock or if you plan on shipping goods over a long term basis. Purchasing these containers might seem like a viable option, however, shipping containers are expensive and depreciate in their value rapidly. Also, it becomes hard to dispose the container once it has disintegrated with prolonged use. Thus hiring a shipping container seems like a lucrative option. Here are a few tips to consider if you are planning on hiring shipping containers.

  • Know what size container you need beforehand. Hiring a container that is too small or too big will result in ineffective space management to ship your goods, irrespective of how well you plan your storage space. Renting the right sized container will not only be more cost effective, but will also prove to be more safe for your goods as they will be snugly fit safely.
  • Know how long you will have to rent the container. This includes the transit time and how long it will be before you return the container to the owner. This is important as most shipping container suppliers tend to levy a late fee, which can be easily avoided with a little foresight.
  • Apply for a lease well in advance. This will ensure that you get your hands on a right sized container that is in good shape. Waiting until the last minute will result in limited options which might not fit your requirements.
  • Thoroughly check the leasing document. In most cases, you will have to pay extra for land transport if the storage facility is not located close to the harbour. In such cases, have a word with the leasing company about the additional fee that will be levied.
  • Be wary of corrosion. These containers are made of metal, and exposure to salty sea water will quicken the rate of corrosion. Check the container thoroughly for any cracks and structural irregularities. If any are found, you can ask the leasing owner to fix it or assign you a new container. Moving shipping containers from the ships to the harbour is done using heavy lifts and cranes. Since the container is anchored around very few points, any faulty cracks in the structure will result in damage during the transit.

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Secure cargo services

TRANSGULF MARITIME SERVICES provide full container and lift van services with documentation, custom assistance, insurance, packing, shipping, storage and inland transportation. We provide customized solutions to clients’ shipping needs. Our Bahrain cargo services help you transport your cargo all over the world efficiently. We as a global network help you deliver competitively priced service. We provide a wide range of cargo services from air cargo services to sea, rail and also truck services.

The services provided by our company are firstly logistics, we make sure to complete your requirement not just on time but also within your budget. We plan our way keeping in mind all the important cost areas which include shipment loss or damage, port detention, project down-time, and project management through effective planning, implementation and expert management. The resources we use for effective on time results is web based tracking system identically reflecting the client’s shipment details in every aspect including warehousing, packaging, and transport of materials. We provide a crystal clear image of all these so you can trust us and our services indubitably.

Our key to success is pre-shipment planning which sets us apart from our competitors. We undertake importing and exporting services right from household goods to office equipment’s to vehicle overseas. We also offer full packaging and custom crating services in Bahrain. We are one of the best transportation companies and our transportation services assess at all costs and on time delivery.

We forward air shipments to possibly every corner of the globe. We ensure the right aircraft are utilized fitting the air cargo services, destination and most importantly the budget of our clients’. We offer many other services like trucking, temperature controlled shipments, ocean charters, along with destination services and insurance.

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Minimizing risk in cold chain packaging

Minimizing risks in cold chain process involves an active participation by the companies in all legs of the shipping process to ensure that the pharmaceuticals are transported in containers. Every region has a different guidelines that needs to be followed during cold shipping.

The temperature difference at the manufacturing hub and the destination ought to be taken into consideration when shipping. Using special containers that have a longer holding period is recommended as they can retain an optimal temperature for the goods for longer. Make sure that the equipment and procedures used during the packaging meets the necessary guidelines.

It might not always be feasible to use new technologies especially without prior research. Make sure to determine if the new methods and packaging equipment is capable of handing drastic pressure and temperature differences. Compare and choose from the best options in terms of quality and pricing.

Proper guidance on evaluation is recommended to screen and reject an unsavory practices. Your shipping personnel should be up to date on the new technology, if you choose to use it, thus making for optimal pre-conditioning of the packaging.

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Choosing the right freight forwarding company

If you operate in an industry that heavily relies on the services of cross border shipping then it is imperative that you choose the right shipping company that satisfies all your needs. One of the most important job of a freight forwarding company is keeping track of the shipment and to take care of the necessary paper work in order to ensure uninhibited shipping services across the borders. Here are a few tips to choose the right freight forwarding services-

  • Assess your needs and make sure that you know exactly what you need the freight company to do for you. This will ensure that their services are precision tailored to meet your requirements.
  • A brief knowledge about their shipping industry connections and their usual shipping traffic is a good way to gauge their quality and reliability of transport. A reliable and highly efficient freight transportation company will ensure an equal measure of services even when your company expands in the future. This will prevent the problems of having to look for new service providers if your current freight forwarders are not up to the mark.
  • When looking for a reliable freight forwarding company, it is also important to evaluate the experience they have. A company that has been in the business longer will have developed the right connections and will also be well versed in the multiple international shipping laws as well.

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Benefits of hiring a third party logistics

If you are business owner, then using a third party logistics service will minimize the stress associated with your shipping concerns. If you are in the business of selling/ importing products across the border, then using a reliable logistics services is a must. Here are three reasons why using a third party logistics services is preferred-

  1. With a logistics service, you will have access to a wide network that allows you to ship your products to almost any destination in the world. Planning on expanding you reach? You don’t have to go through the gruelling process of understanding individual shipping laws of different countries.
  2. It will also save you a lot of time and money. Since logistics companies are experienced with shipping goods all the time, they are well aware of the fees and other necessities required to move products legally into a country.
  3. It also allows for flexibility as well, where the logistics company can easily scale up or down their efforts based on how your company grows. A reliable logistics company will be able to handle all kinds of large and small orders.

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Making your office move easy

As a business owner, you are expected to increase you office space as your business grows. This involves moving your entire office to a new location in order to accommodate the growing stature. However, a move can be quite stressful and can take a toll on the productivity of your company if it is not handled well. Here are a few tips to make your office process easier and more efficient.

  • It is always a good idea to assign a person to handle the move. If your establishment is quite big, it is better to assign a person for each department, and ensure that they co-ordinate well with each other during the move.
  • Generate a list of inventory, which should include furniture, computer, and other hardware that you wish to move to the new facility. This can be assigned to the department co-ordinators.
  • During packing, makes sure to label the packing boxes with appropriate labels in order to make it easier when setting up the new office. This will ensure a low down time and will allow you to get to work as soon as possible.
  • Hiring reputed moving companies will make your move easy. Their experienced professionals will make sure that your packing and moving needs are well taken care of. They will ensure optimal packing for sensitive/ delicate equipment/ machinery making sure that they do not get damaged during the move.

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Advantages of air freight

Every mode of transportation has its own pros and cons. It pays to take into account these pros and cons when choosing your freight transfer. One of the most preferred freight transfer method is the air freight, which offers high value for low volume shipments. Here a are few reasons why you should choose air freight over other modes-

  1. It’s fast: It’s actually super fast. No other modes of transport can beat air transfer when it comes to speed. If you are looking to deliver your products in the shortest period of time, especially over long distance, the air freight should be your first and last option.
  2. On time: Air transports are almost always on time. Since they are not bogged down by traditional problems of traffic, they tend to be highly reliable when it comes to keeping time.
  3. Delivery around the world: Most flight carriers cover a wide area of the globe, thus you can have your shipment delivered almost anywhere in the world!
  4. Reduced risk: Air transfer has a strict protocol and limited access to authorised personnel only. This makes it one of the most secure forms of product delivery.
  5. Tracking is easier: Air travel makes it easy to keep track of your products from the time it leaves you till the delivery, thanks to the extensive tracking facility in any air freight.

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