Comprehensive cargo and logistics services

Are you looking for reliable logistic or comprehensive cargo services in the Kingdom of Bahrain? Look no further than Transgulf Maritime Services – your trusted cargo company in Bahrain. We provide fast, safe and reliable comprehensive cargo services to help you with your moving needs. Our dedicated professionals keep a constant check on your goods while ensuring that they pass all the necessary cross-border shipping audits to ensure timely delivery.

Trust your cargo to the best

When it comes to cargo services, we stand a class apart. With a highly trained and experienced staff overseeing every aspect, you can be at ease knowing your cargo will reach you safe and sound. We are a fast-growing cargo company that provides reliable logistic services and comprehensive cargo services. Our commitment to providing each customer with exceptional service while ensuring timely and safe delivery of their goods has slowly gained us a stellar reputation.  When you’re moving to a different area, you don’t want the hassle of having to deal with moving all your luggage and setting up a new house.

Getting acclimatized to a new place is tough already without the task of extensive packing and unpacking looming over your head. At Transgulf Maritime Services we provide you with comprehensive cargo services. This means that our staff will take care of all the documentation, customs assistance, insurance, packing, shipping, storage and inland transportation work while you take care of getting used to the new place. You’ll never have to worry about us losing your cargo or letting it get damaged. Over the years, we have built a tried-and-tested method that allows us to seamlessly transport your cargo to wherever you may desire in a safe and sound manner. Get in touch with us at for top-notch cargo services you’re sure to love.

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